Curriculum & Tuition


Wings Christian Academy uses Accelerated Christian Education material from which the student gains character concepts and traits as well as knowledge and understanding. The program is individualized. Students learn and progress at their own rate, through goals and controls, motivation and rewards. Each student is individually diagnosed in order to be placed into each subject area where the highest level of performance may be achieved. This level may vary from subject to subject. Most important, the curriculum is Bible-centered. Biblical principles are taught and emphasized throughout the material.

Wings Christian Academy is dependent upon the tuition of the students and gifts of friends for operating expenses.

Application, Registration, Testing Fees (non refundable):
New Student $100.00
Returning Student $50.00

Annual Tuition:
Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade
First Student $2500.00
Each Additional Student $2000.00

Annual Curriculum Fees:
First through Twelfth Grades $300.00
Kindergarten $175.00

Music Fee (Required for grades Kindergarten through sixth grade)
Per Semester $50.00